try to stop messages App in any iPhone once receiving this message!


When we talking about security iOS is very secure then android, one of the strengths of the iOS is the protection and security also is closed system but despite the fact is there are always attempts by hackers to find some flaws and back-doors exploitable in this system. for example, in recent years, appeared many strange ways that could stop Apple iDevices. of course the last one that we will learn today is the stranger way.

messages App in any iPhone
Messages App in any iPhone

In previous cases, that did not take a long time to be fixed by Apple, used many roads extraordinary, from suspicious links and long texts, or videos that crash any iPhone or iPad. the new loophole at application “iMessage“.

This new way depends on sending one text messages, that makes iPhone can’t open the application, its means you cant read old messages in that App. problem does not stop here but the application will continue crashed even after it is closed or shut off the phone and turn it on again.

The method to send  transferable file “vCards”, this file consists of many codes to the extent that the application will not be able to be addressed, making it crashed will be unable to read file or message. what makes “iMessage” application continuously stop ? is application keeps opening latest text messages, in this situation when the malicious letter is the recent letter that you received on your phone you will not be able to open the application.

How to solve the problem:

All what you have to do is to send a new message to infected iPhone to access the application. or you can send a message to yourself through application Siri. there is no doubt that Apple will release a new update to solve this problem.