Remove iCloud using backup

Remove iCloud Activation using Backup instructions

In this post i will tell you about unlocking activated iPhone by backup ( Remove iCloud )

What means activated iPhone? that means iPhone that fully working and you know that find my iPhone is activated, some times you can’t remember your Apple ID and Password, or you bought full activated iPhone every thing is working calls, sms, WiFi… but in Apple store you have to login if you want to download apps.

This method working on iOS 7 and 8 also 9.

iOS 9 backup instructions :

Tested on 2 iPads and works with all phone and iPad on all iOS 9

I did a back up with find my iPhone off , then with locked device reset settings, not erase as will put you at activation screen.
Once device reboots then starts to restore from reset it reconnects to I tunes, this is when we hit restore from unlocked backup. as the reset finishes the restore will start!
100% working way to bypass active iCloud locked devices!
Check video, 100% tried and tested!
Not my work, just sharing, check bellow YouTube and try!

What we need to Remove iCloud?

very simple we need Apple ID and Password to log in.

Take a buck up of your iPhone or iPad in iTunes, before press backup please check Encrypt iPhone Backup and set password 12345.

Remove Icloud from locked device using an unlocked backup
Remove iCloud from locked device using an unlocked backup

Now Open the software notice this software is not free, and press Tools > Apple > Explore keychaine and chose backup and put Password 12345.

Remove Icloud
Remove iCloud

You will find All data Emails and Passwords, this is the important thing, in application go to Search and put AppleAccount .

If you didn’t find it search with other keywords or check all the backup you will find the password.

Remove Icloud from locked device
Remove Icloud from locked device


Backup contain your personal data emails and passwords, videos, photos …

If your Device is not yours please do not use this method, we do not take responsibility of misuse .

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