Luca Tedesco took less than 24 hours to jailbreak the new iPhone 7

Jailbreak iPhone 7, it’s done!

It only took a few days for the latest smartphone from Apple, the iPhone 7,  jailbreak is done. But the tools are not available … yet.

The hacker Luca Tedesco better known under the alias of qwertyoruiopz, published a photo showing Cydia on iPhone 7 with iOS 10. Small problem: the security specialist did not share his method …

Apple will not like

While the iPhone 7 has just come out, the device has been jailbroken. The jailbreak allows  iPhone to access applications and advanced settings often blocked by the system. The last update of the operating system for iPhone, iOS 10, will therefore not last long.

iPhone 7: iOS 10 jailbreak

The security specialist Luca Tedesco has indeed posted a picture on twitter, showing an iPhone 7 running iOS 10.0.1 rotating the Cydia application. The Cydia App allows you to install unapproved  pirated applications by Apple … but also with the risk of installing malware. Lucas Tedesco is not his first feat of arms. The hacker has built a solid reputation in the scene of the jailbreak for several years. But as is often the case with a freshly made jailbreak, the method has not been shared. Hackers avoid indeed share their findings before knowing enough exploitable vulnerabilities. Because the apple is very responsive in this area. Each shared jailbreak method systematically results in a quick update to correct the faults.

iPhone 7: jailbreak for public soon ?

Luca Tedesco was content to provide some clues. According to the iPhone 7 will use a compressed algorithm to protect the kernel. That may be enough to inspire his cronies hackers. The famous Pangu Team, specializing in the jailbreak announced recently also working on iOS 10 jailbreak of the iPhone 7 could be made available in the coming days.

If this is the case is to be expected quickly Apple to react and deploy a new update iOS 10. At least we know now that the jailbreak of the iPhone 7 is possible.