FREE iPhone IMEI Check, Unlock, Carrier & Simlock, Blacklist

FREE iPhone IMEI Check Status and iPhone Carrier or Network Check!

Free iPhone IMEI Check
Free iPhone IMEI Check

This online FREE iPhone IMEI check TOOL you can use it to check one device for IP address , if you want to use the service many times change your IP using some softwares on the internet like Hotspot shield … , you can check infos about your iPad or iPhone Carrier or Network, Simlock Status, Blacklist , iCloud On or OFF service provided to our site visitors and customers. This service in some website is not free you must pay 2$ to see those infos.
Check Steps :

  • Step 1: Find out your IMEI number by going to Settings > General > About.
    Or type *#06# on the phone keyboard.
  • Step 2:  Enter your IMEI in the box. Click “check”.
Free iPhone IMEI Checker
Free iPhone IMEI Checker
  • Step 3: The website will load information about your iPhone. At the bottom right of the page, click on “Free check Now”, as showed below.
iPhone Unlock Check - IMEI Database Lookup
iPhone Unlock Check – IMEI Database Lookup
  • Step 4: The website will check your IMEI on the Apple database of factory unlocked iPhones and will let you know whether your iPhone is officially unlocked or not, Black listed or not and Carrier or Nework. Additionally, it tells you about the warranty status of your device.


The process should take just a few seconds.

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