iPhone 7 : Third ranking after SAMSUNG, SONY and HTC

Apple has worked hard on the side of the photo in the new iPhone

7. The sensor still shows 12 megapixel count but gaining wide

aperture of f/1.8, while the iPhone 6S lagged behind with an

aperture of f/2.2, while the OIS optical stabilization finally prompt

on the model 4 , 7 inches. However, despite these improvements, it

remains behind facing Samsung, Sony and HTC.

iphone 7 camera review

This year, the side of the photo, the competition is tighter than ever. The Galaxy S7 Edge, HTC and Sony Xperia X 10 Performance share first place in DxOMark with a score of 88 points. In second place we find the Z Force Moto Droid and the two best camera phones of 2015 are none other than the Sony Xperia Z5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge + that get all three a score of 87 points.

For its part, the iPhone 7 comes only third in the standings with a score of 86 tied for points with the LG G5, the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge. Against the iPhone 6S who obtained a dismal score of 82 points placing well behind all the high-end Android in 2015, there is a better but not there yet. The plus side (because there anyway!) DxOMark emphasizes the contrast of images and color fidelity, far better than the iPhone 6S, including in low light.

The colors are also very loyal, even in pictures taken with flash with the Digital Cinema color space (DCI-P3) and the exposure remains high, particularly outdoors. The video game also marks significant improvement even if the noise is still present in low light.

DxOMark however, that autofocus is far from perfect and that the software image processing can be improved. Overall, the smartphone is beautiful pictures day but at night, it still fails to exceed its Android competitors. As already let anticipate the first tests, the photo sensor of the iPhone 7 stands back against the Galaxy S7.