The iPhone 7 would tend to generate a very unpleasant whistling

What would be the release of a new iPhone without a mini-scandal

that accompanies it? iPhone 7, released last Friday, it seems that

exudes an unpleasant whistling when performing intensive tasks

CPU resources.


The iPhone 7 would suffer “coil noise”

The first to complain was an influential twitto Stephen Kackett. Indeed, he noticed that when his iPhone 7 was performing tasks that used the processor or GPU phone (a game, a benchmark), it emitted a hiss, a shrill and unpleasant whistling. He even recorded.


It is not the only one to complain elsewhere. Soon, Darrell Etherington, a journalist very seriously TechCrunch said he also heard him whistling it. It was followed by many other buyers of the new Apple smartphone. The strangest thing is that this does not seem to occur on all iPhone 7. But what happens exactly?

The iPhone 7 would suffer “coil noise”

The manager, it may well be it phone SoC, the famous A10 Fusion. And it would suffer “coil whine” or “coil noise” that could be translated as “coil noise.” This term comes from the world of graphics cards. This is a noise from micro vibrations created by coils responsible for filtering the current.

iphone7 a10 fusion
iphone-7 a10 fusion

As for graphics cards, plus the chip of the iPhone 7 is stressed, the more demand for energy and power and the coils are used and sizzle. We assume – since it is the most likely theory, but it is not yet proven – it depends the quality of assembly of the components of the iPhone 7, but also the power of the A10 Fusion, which is now one of the most powerful mobile chip of the moment.

A problem limited to a few devices?

The phenomenon is not new and already exists on other devices. The Verge and remember that you can hear the “coil noise” on the Galaxy S7 Edge or the latest iPad when performing intensive tasks. So, it seems, a little more discreet, however. Apple, told The Verge, declined to comment on the matter for now. As for Stephen Kackett, who left complaining about the problem from Apple Care, it was considered that his phone was faulty and it was proposed to replace him.

As often with this kind of business will be expected to know it’s isolated problems or something more general to start talking of “scandal” (or-humm humm-gate if you prefer).