IPhone Apps: 16 apps to enrich iMessage iOS 10

16 apps to enrich iMessage iOS 10 :

In 10 iOS, the app messages is not the same. Enriched with many different functions, including the ability to integrate effects, stickers, GIF, messages and handwritten drawings, etc., the app also has its own store to find extensions to download. These free and paid help improve the iMessage with the addition of various features, more practical to stylish.

Here is a selection of 16 extensions to iMessage with 13 practical applications and 3 games:

Enhanced messaging :

  • Blur – Free : To send photos that remain unclear as long as we do not click on it in the app messages. This avoids making them visible in message notifications for example.
  • Do With Me : To share a collaborative task list with friends on iMessage.


Do With Me
do with me

Location :

  • Citymapper – Free : Share via iMessage its geographical position, with map display so that the caller can locate you and maybe even join you.

Other :

  • Castro – 3,99 -Free : Podcasts player, able to share iMessage on recent episodes such as podcasts to recommend to friends.
  • Eta – 2,99 $ : Driving assistant to calculate travel times. The iMessage extension shares a journey time and so an estimated time of arrival.
  • Scanbot – Free : Allows directly from iMessage, scan and transfer the file created his interlocutor.

Games :

  • Apensar – Free : Guessing game with picture to play with friends in iMessage.
    We will certainly enrich this list as you go. Feel free to give us your favorite apps iMessage also.